One last entry in our Bunny Audit. To be honest, there are simply too many (we haven’t even covered Watership Down, and that stash of 1960s Playboys hidden in the Anatomy section…), and the audit has been unsuccessful. We’re open 11-6 Sunday and Monday; maybe drop in and see what cunicular surprise you can find? Always an easter egg hunt in a good bookshop.

Fern Bisel Peat’s truculent red-eyed Peter Rabbit. Beatrix this ain’t.

The lively little rabbit and the fiery tapering forms of his great carrot and weasel nemesis.

My favourite, the leggy and grave Mr. Rabbit. 

We snared a hare in the bunny inventory.

Bunny audit, day two. Slightly foxed.

We will be conducting an internal bunny audit over the next seven days. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Please disregard the enchanting literary bunnies that appear on your screen during this necessary exercise.

One of these covers is not like the other. Spot the US style mid-century mass market pb Virginia Woolf.

Homeworking this morning at The Paper Hound Remote Book Repair Clinic, where we brew our own artisanal adhesive in a custom double boiler made out of a busted espresso pot and a jam jar, using a chopstick to stir. The resulting paste is archival-quality, non-toxic and is occasionally fed to the pygmy lion that patrols the facility. 


Further evidence of our small-box bookselling model.